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Holiday Gift Giving: How to Set Up a Fun, Virtual Gift Exchange Game


This year’s holiday season looks a little different, but that doesn’t mean that we have to skip out on all of the fun. Try hosting a virtual gift exchange. This is a great way to spend time with those you love, have fun, and make special memories. Who knows, maybe this will become a new holiday tradition! Our favorite gift exchange game? Virtual Secret Santa (like Elfster)! Here’s how to host one of your own.

How to Pick a Virtual Party Date

You want as many people to be able to come to your party as possible, but juggling everyone’s availability can be tough! The easiest way to find a date that works for everyone is to invite them to a Facebook Event that you’ve created. From there you’ll be able to create a poll with all the available days and then you let the people decide!

How to Plan the Logistics of a Virtual Secret Santa

Now you have your list of attendees and they’ve voted on the day for the event. Next up is setting a budget – you can communicate this on your Facebook Event page or let everyone vote again. Randomly assign everyone with whom they will be gifting and secretly distribute the names to each person along with their home address. Have each participant mail their gift anonymously by using your apartment as the return address.

How to Exchange Virtual Secret Santa Gifts

It’s the day of the party! Hop on your video call and determine the order that gifts will be opened. Let each guest take turns opening their gift on camera, guessing who their Secret Santa might be.

What are Some Great Gifts to Buy in Fort Collins?

Stuck on what to buy for Secret Santa? Trimble Court Artisans features over 50 different Colorado-based artists and is a great place to support businesses in your own backyard! You’ll find unique local gifts ranging from clothing and accessories to art and games.

Happy Holidays!

Gather your crew together and enjoy an awesome virtual holiday gift exchange. Use this Secret Santa example from UNCOMMON Fort Collins or get creative and come up with one of your own!


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